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Vintage, timeless style beyond fashion.

This collection of patterns was born by blending contemporary creativity and 1950s/60s sources of inspiration. The style of the chairs is derived from productions already made by Design Cifsa at that time; the slender, conical legs of understated elegance define the character of these chairs, which will never go out of fashion and are adaptable for private and public settings, hotels, resorts and high image venues. Experienced artisans brought back to life disused workmanship archived by new industrial production processes. Any welding imperfections and color streaks are the mark of uniqueness that gives value to each frame. The Lalabonbon collection is still produced in Italy today.

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The Lolita chair, puts back into production an original model from an era that saw the birth of quality Italian modern design, recognized worldwide. This model is available in precious metallic finishes in three variations, and a rich palette of contemporary fabrics.

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The chair is inspired by the character of Lolita, an icon of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel and later Stanley Kubrick’s film. With her heart-shaped sunglasses and lollipop, she embodies the guise of the transgressive teenager with naive but defiant behavior. The Lolita chair was made on the imagery of the thin, sinuous lines of a woman’s body.

This chair model was designed as a tribute to Ava Gardner: actress with green eyes, arched eyebrows and thick wavy hair.


Ava is a soft and cozy chair; upholstered back and seat form a whole with the metal body. Upholstery colors and textures are easy to incorporate into classic and modern environments due to the versatile personality.

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It has a multifaceted personality, designed with simple grace and harmony. Valentina is a chair with essential lines, a bold and current addition to many different environments.


The model is dedicated Valentina, a comic book character masterfully drawn by Guido Crepax. Charming as a real woman, her personality transfers grace and seduction to the chair.

Tavolo Oval

“OVAL” is the ideal complement, matching the vintage style of Lalabonbon chair models. The current design draws on shapes and signs that evoke classicism, such as the perfectly oval top and the solid sinuosity of the triple-braided legs. Oak plywood top with matching edging. Geometrical arched frame made of anthracite black painted iron and turned legs with unusual tapered shape. Brass, bronze, anthracite finishes.

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Color theory

According to the principles of Chromotherapy, each color conveys specific emotions that affect our mood, and this stimulus is perceived by our brain. Seven colors were chosen to make the Design Cifsa furniture elements, and their hue varies according to the substrate and fabric.

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the precision, quality and comfort of the heart-like shaped backrest, with generous padding embellished by visible contour threading. Rear arch support.

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Ava wraps with arching softness of great support, with elegant exposed threading enclosing the two padded shells. Tapered tube frame with three variations of metal finishes.

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Valentina’s characteristic backrest is held by 2 parallel, load-bearing metal supports via two flat, butterfly-shaped, stackable metal “little hands.”

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