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Heart of steel. Made to last

The concept common to all models of Modular 8 original design is the adoption of a formula based on the combination of “multiple” steel rods with a fixed 8 mm diameter. The use of recurring materials and geometric shapes makes it easy to coordinate furniture, adaptable in both outdoor and indoor environments. The project aims to create a coordinated line of diverse accessories, easy to combine with each other and also with various other contemporary furniture styles.

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A coordinated

The collection includes chairs, stools, tables, benches, armchairs and sofas designed by designer Giulietto Cacciari. Common denominator for the project structural choices is the strict use of stainless and oven-painted steel. Each model is covered with selected fabric range for the interior and special fabrics for the exterior.

Steel foot covered with polypropylene rubber, non-slip, it does not scratch the floor or sink in the grass.

The modular structure is developed by combining multiple stainless steel rods with a fixed diameter of 8mm. The different applications are dictated by structural and aesthetic requirements. Steel frames are pre-assembled and welded as a single block.

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Color theory

According to the principles of Chromotherapy, each color conveys specific emotions that affect our mood, and this stimulus is perceived by our brain. Seven colors were chosen to make the Design Cifsa furniture elements, and their hue varies according to the substrate and fabric.

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Art director and Product designer

- Graphic by training - Creative by vocation -Advertising entrepreneur by professional necessity - Designer by elective affinities, matured through years of frequentation and experimentation in Dino Gavina’s “galaxy” that have “contaminated”, together with his friend Kazuhide Takahama, his path as a designer, which began in 1972 and that currently continues, trying not to contradict himself.