Design Cifsa, established in 1961, renews the special encounter between contemporary creativityand handcrafted modeling of precious original Italian chair production archives from the 1950s/60s.

Founded and also currently led by Olindo Branducci, it specializes in metalworking to solve specific needs through customized solutions that stand out for their quality and reliability. Since 2012, Giulietto Cacciari – a well-known furniture accessories designer – has been in charge of the art direction for corporate image and design of new productions.

The company’s solid experience enables it to focus on various issues with professionalism and expertise: behind every gesture, lies the analysis and thought that define workmanship suitable for specific functions.

Our Made in ltaly is a vision to guide us toward rational solutions. We select and process the material with maniacal care, to keep up with innovation and ensure total quality to the individual product. Each component is also handcrafted, such as welds and brushed metal finishes, and is therefore unique. Any welding imperfections and color shading are traces of craftsmanship, a value that proves the method of fabrication done just as experience teaches.

Olindo Branducci

Founder of the company Design Cifsa 1961